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and Gilding

Gilded wooden frame showing losses to the ornamentation

The molds were taken from undamaged ornamentation

The repairs were cast in situ

The fills were made to match the original ornamentation

What's involved in

Frame Repairs
and Gilding

Don has repaired frames of different materials including gilded frames. Wherever possible, it is important to retain the original frame. Frames can be damaged through improper shipping and handling. 

Initial Examination

CAC begins with a thorough examination and assessment of the frame to determine its condition and plan its treatment and preservation. This includes photographic documentation of damages to the frame. 

Condition Report and Treatment Proposal

After this initial examination, the owner is provided with a Condition Report, Treatment Proposal and an estimate of the cost of repairs.

Common Problems

Frame repair and gilding may be required to address common problems such as:

  • Damage or losses

  • Accumulation of dirt, fly specks or other accretions

  • Damage from mould and insects

  • Poor quality acidic mat and backing materials

  • Improper handling and storage

  • Environment excessively dry or damp

  • Broken glass

  • Water and fire damage

  • Warping and splitting

  • Inappropriate cleaning attempts


Frame Repairs and Gilding

Losses and damages are repaired using molding and casting procedures. A variety of techniques are used to match the original surface appearance. 

Conservation Report and Aftercare Recommendations

After the treatment is complete, the owner is provided with a Conservation Report and if required, aftercare recommendations.

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