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Training and Workshops

  • Adhesives and Consolidants in Conservation, Canadian Conservation Institute, Ottawa, Ontario, 2011

  • "Thread-by-Thread Tear Repair", Canadian Conservation Institute, Ottawa, Ontario, 2008

  • Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Conservation, Jasper, Alberta, 2005

  • Annual Conference, American Institute for Conservation, Portland, Oregon, 2004

  • Frame Conservation Workshop, Malgorzata Sawicki, Auckland, New Zealand, 1997 

  • Microscopy Training Workshop, David Wise, Auckland, New Zealand, 1995

  • Crating and Packing Workshop, Don Dunham, Auckland, New Zealand, 1995

  • Joint Conference of Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material and New Zealand Professional Conservators' Group, Wellington, New Zealand, 1994

  • Preventive Conservation Conference, International Institute for Conservation, Ottawa, Ontario, 1994

  • Varnishes Workshop, Canadian Conservation Institute, Ottawa, Ontario, 1994

  • Workshop on New Methods in the Cleaning of Paintings by Richard C. Wolbers, National Gallery of Victoria, Australia, 1990


  • Salvage and Recovery Workshop, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta, 2005

  • "Disaster Preparedness", Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta, 2001

  • "Treatment of Wind Tree", Auckland City Council, Auckland, New Zealand, 1999

  • "Varnishes", Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand, 1994

  • "Scientific Examination of Paintings", New Zealand Oil and Colour Chemists Society, Wellington, New Zealand, 1981

  • "The Treatment of the Adoration of the Magi", Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1979

Greg White Lightbown, Return of the Raven 

Reattached broken paddle

Frere Pe, Enfant avec Chien (Detail)

Repaired Tear


Our Conservator

Don Murchison - Over 40 Years of Experience

Don Murchison is an experienced art conservator who has worked at the Canadian Conservation Institute in Ottawa, the National Art Gallery and Auckland Art Gallery in New Zealand and Glenbow Museum in Calgary.


In 2008 he opened his business, Calgary Art Conservation. His laboratory is one of the few in Alberta recognized for professional expertise specializing in painting and sculpture conservation and frame repairs and gilding. 

Education and Training

  • Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours), Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Conservation Training and Apprenticeship Programme, Canadian Conservation Institute, Ottawa, Ontario​

​Professional Affiliations

  • Member, Canadian Association of Professional Conservators

  • Member, Canadian Association for Conservation of Cultural Property 

  • Former President, New Zealand Professional Conservators' Group


  • Conservator, Canadian Conservation Institute, Ottawa, Ontario, 1975 to 1980 - Specialized in conservation of easel and panel paintings, murals, gilded and polychrome sculptures; Participated in the theory, practice and experimentation of conservation treatments for a variety of materials 

  • Senior Conservator, National Art Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand, 1980 to 1985 - Established and managed first-ever conservation laboratory and conservation program; Provided conservation treatments of painting collection; Researched, tested and evaluated new methods and materials

  • Senior Conservator, Paintings and Sculpture, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand, 1985-1999 - Managed painting conservation service; Provided conservation treatment of extensive art collection; Acted as international courier for major international exhibitions

  • Conservator, Paintings and Sculpture, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta, 2000-2008 - Organized the painting conservation laboratory; Carried out conservation treatment primarily of paintings and sculptures, and occasionally cultural objects and ethnographic material; Undertook research and scientific analysis of painting attributed to Remington that was revealed as a forgery 

  • Conservator, Paintings and Sculpture, Calgary Art Conservation, Calgary, Alberta, Since 2008 - Provides conservation treatments, documentation and analysis for paintings, frames and sculptures; 
    Undertakes research; Completes reports for collection surveys and maintenance plans; Advises artists and clients 


Adolf Schreyer, Attacked by Wolves, c1868

Surface cleaned, retouched losses, repaired stretcher frame, repaired frame and conservation framing

Slide show of past treatments

Colleen Philippi, I remember when time travelled, 2006

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