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Calgary Art Conservation

Art Restoration in Calgary

A Calgary-based professional fine art conservation service that works with you to restore, repair and preserve your artwork for you to enjoy for many years.

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Painting Conservation Treatments
Sculpture Conservation Treatments
Frame Repairs & Gilding
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Before Treatment of major tear
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After Treatment

Calgary Art Conservation

Calgary Art Conservation is a professional art conservation lab located in Calgary, Alberta. CAC is a full service art conservation facility committed to the care and long-term preservation of paintings, sculptures, frames, and cultural material. We have cared for fine art from art galleries, museums, private collections, corporations and insurance companies. 


A well-equipped laboratory with modern tools, techniques and materials, CAC treats your prized artworks to preserve, restore, enhance and extend their longevity. 


CAC was founded by Don Murchison, a highly-trained specialist with over 40 years of experience in the conservation profession.  As a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Conservators, he is recognized for his high conservation standards and expertise in painting, sculpture and frame conservation.  


A professionally trained Conservator in the theory and practice of fine art conservation, Don has provided museum standard care throughout his career.

Don has worked at the Canadian Conservation Institute in Ottawa, Ontario, the National Art Gallery in Wellington, New Zealand, the Auckland Art Gallery in Auckland, New Zealand and Glenbow Museum in Calgary, Alberta.

Dorothy Henzell Willis, Sechelt, BC [Untitled], 1947

Don Murchison surface cleaning a painting

What's involved in

Conservation Treatments

The primary goal of CAC is the care and preservation of your artwork. Don is keenly interested in the problem-solving aspect of conserving paintings, sculptures and frames and he is sensitive to the need to preserve artistic authenticity while maintaining minimal intervention. 


Initial Examination

CAC begins the process of conservation treatment with a thorough examination, testing (if required) and assessment of the object to evaluate its condition and determine the best course of treatment to stabilize and restore the object and ensure its long-term preservation. Detailed and extensive photographic examination is carried out using a variety of techniques.

Condition Report and Treatment Proposal

After this initial examination, you are provided with a Condition Report and Treatment Proposal. The condition report describes the condition of the object. The treatment proposal outlines the methods and materials that will be used, an estimate or quote for the estimated treatment including labour, materials and travel (if required).  

Conservation Treatment

CAC's conservation treatment involves using tested and approved conservation materials and methods with the highest level of skill, knowledge and craftsmanship. 

Treatment Report and Aftercare Recommendations

After the treatment is complete, the owner is provided with a written and photographic Treatment Report and Aftercare Recommendations

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